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  2. Amsterdam!  It might be the most magical place I’ve been, seriously.  

  3. 2 months, 11 days until I am back in the States.  It’s so weird that I have to prepare myself to come back.  Everyday seems like a preparation for something else.  I have to apply for housing, classes, and my future.  It feels good to be a senior and for some reason, I don’t feel scared.  

  4. Three-way from three different continents…that’s what’sup.  

    Three-way from three different continents…that’s what’sup.  

  5. If I had my close friends here.  I think I could survive in Belgium.  

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  7. Lier, Belgium   

  8. Hooray drinking at 11am!   

    Hooray drinking at 11am!   

  9. These are my favorite Belgium beers :D  

    These are my favorite Belgium beers :D  

  10. 1.  Citadelle de Namur

    2.  Bayside of Namur 

    3.  Musee Felicien Rops:  Etch A Sketch of a nude women by Stephane Lalbemand  

    4.  Musee Felicien Rops garden place  

  11. Now I have experience some hatred from Europeans about America.  

  12. A day spent in Brussels:

    1.  Grand’ Place-Grote Markt (Brussels Historic Center)

    2.  Edgar with Manneken Pis Chocolate

    3.  Delicious Belgium Waffle (I had the nutella one)

    4.  Manneken Pis (not dressed up!)

    DidYouKnow that 3/4 of translators work in Brussels.  

  13. BUGS LOVE BITCHES.  So I have to put menthol/antibiotics medicine everywhere it itches and wear all this cover-up to sleep.  I am relieve to not itch as much!  Thank you quick health care in Belgium!  

  14. It would be a lot easier to choose to stay in Greensboro/Hickory, but I feel as if this experience was meant to be.  Even if I am sometimes lonely, it is the right choice for me.